Evening Makeup

Evening Makeup In Warsaw

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Evening Makeup

Time: 75min.

Wouldn’t you like to look fabulous all night long without having to worry about your makeup going patchy and uneven? DomCut Makeup Artists can help you out! They will do miracles with your face by applying perfect makeup which will last until the morning and look as if you had put it on just a minute ago. They choose the best colors and makeup style for your type of beauty to make you look flawless from top to bottom. With our help, you will become the Queen of the Night.

DomCut Professionals are pledged to always honor and respect you, to do their best to apply a Makeup that will comfort you in any aspect. Wherever you are in Warsaw, any day of the week, you can book and enjoy the convenience and the quality of our services!

Your session

  • consultation: you will talk about your needs and the event you are attending
  • skin cleansing
  • applying cream or makeup base to hydrate your skin and make your makeup last as long as possible
  • concealing your skin imperfections to make you look fresh and flawless
  • face contouring
  • defining your eyebrows
  • eye makeup: applying eyeshadows, eyeliner or eye pencil and mascara (false lashes are not included in the price, you must order them separately)
  • lip makeup: lipstick and lip liner

Good to know

  • DomCut professional needs about 10 minutes to prepare her/his place of work
  • if possible, prepare yourself a comfortable armchair in a well-illuminated place
  • it would be best if you didn’t wear any makeup for the visit
  • What our experts care the most about is your needs, so don’t be afraid to tell them what look you are trying to achieve: this way she/he will be able to advise you what is the best choice for you.

Customer reviews


Quick, easy and well done

In my opinion, the service accomplished exactly what it promised: easy booking procedure, comfort and a professional make-up session. DomCut platform is very customer friendly. To me, the best part was that it didn't have any unnecessary questions /fields to fill in, that it was straightforward in terms of costs and that it allowed me to pick the session most suitable to my schedule. The make-up artist arrived on time and was very friendly- she even explained me step by step what technique she used and what are some tricks worth knowing :). Moreover, I was happy that she come with suggestions on what to add, as well as respected my wish not to exaggerate with the heavy make up. After about 1.5H of being spoiled, I was ready for an amazing dinner. PS: I received a lot of compliments on the make up that night :) :).