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Classic Massage

Time: 60min.

In-Home Classic Massage Warsaw

The most widely known and popular category of massage is the classic massage. It is also known as the Swedish massage. The classic massage techniques vary from light to strong. Classic massage utilizes five types of strokes. The five basic strokes are effleurage aka sliding, petrissage aka kneading, tapotement aka tapping, friction and vibration. Clinical studies show that classic massage has proved to be effective in decreasing pain, joint stiffness, and improving function in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. Another study suggests that classic massage is highly effective in reducing the stress level and improving the mood.

Treat Yourself With Private Home Massage

Now you don't have to bother taking the time to look for a reliable massage studio near you. Our 5-star therapists come directly to you! Domcut classic massage therapists are all licensed, background-checked and thoroughly tested. Whether it's stress, physical tension, or a tough day at work, let Domcut therapists help you in the comfort of your own home, anywhere in Warsaw.

Your session

  • Our classic massage therapists arrive with a massage table, sheets, lotions, oils and music.
  • At the beginning of your appointment, please inform DomCut Professional of any health constraint or any other constraint, and if there are any zones on which you want to concentrate.
  • Domcut’s licensed therapists are hand-selected in person, demonstrating expert massage technique, and compassionate, healing touch. Remember that this is for you to relax, so free your mind of everything and make the most of your massage!

Good to know

Before your appointment:

  • Make sure there is enough space for the massage table.
  • Adjust the lighting and temperature in the room where you will receive your treatment to make sure you are completely comfortable.
  • And prepare 2 big towels and a sheet to keep you warm. DomCut professionals need around 10 minutes to set up his equipment and prepare himself/herself for the treatment.

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